Holiday with your dog - 3 creative ideas


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Would you like to go on a little adventure with your dog and would you like to make your holiday with your dog creative and different? Then I have three creative dog holiday ideas for you here. Enjoy browsing. 

Idea no. 1: roof tent trip with dog 

This trend is super popular right now. Traveling with the roof tent. And it actually works really well with a dog. We gave it a try and traveled through Scandinavia with our dog and roof tent for a month. And I'll tell you: this trip was unforgettable. Incidentally, I think the roof tent is a great alternative if you don't have your own campervan and are as shocked by the rentals (especially in high season) as I was. Rooftop tents, on the other hand, can be rented from as little as 20-25 euros a day. And you already have your own camper. Of course, traveling with a roof tent should be well thought out and prepared and is particularly suitable for adventurous people and dogs. By the way, you can find all information about the roof tent trip with a dog in this article.

The best places for a rooftop tent trip 

  • Sweden 
  • Norway 
  • Slovenia 
  • Denmark 
  • Scotland 

Idea no 2: Glamping with a dog 

A glamping trip is a little more comfortable. As the name suggests, it's all about glamorous camping. You can rent a pretty mobile home, a camping pod, a tent or even a tree house. Either on a good campsite or on small, natural glamping facilities. We tried glamping in Wales and loved it. In the middle of a sheep farm we lived in our little cabin and had everything we needed. Glamping is perfect for a short holiday with a dog, but you can also integrate glamping into a round trip or spend the whole holiday like this. By the way, it is even a cheap alternative to a hotel holiday. 

The best places for a glamping trip 

  • England, Wales and Scotland 
  • France 
  • Croatia 
  • Slovenia 
  • Italy 

Idea no 3: Long-distance hiking with a dog 

We love traveling close to nature and that's why we've been dreaming of a long-distance hike with a dog for a long time. And I should tell you right away: Hut hikes in the Alps are comparatively difficult to implement, as dogs are not allowed in all huts. There are still opportunities to go on a long-distance hike with your dog, even in the mountains. For example, there are providers where you can book this trip as a complete package. Included are not only the accommodations or intermediate transport, but also luggage transport. That's good, because in this case you don't have to carry all of the dog's supplies (food, basket, etc.) with you. In some places you can also book luggage transport separately and design the trip yourself (e.g. West Highland Trail). Then you book each accommodation. Note that classic hiking accommodations often do not accept dogs, it is better to use normal inns and B&Bs. Or you just camp. By the way, we have already tried that. It was really great to arrive after a long hike and just pitch the tent surrounded by nature.

Ideas for long-distance hikes with dogs:

  • West Highland Trail (Scotland) 
  • High Coast (Sweden) 
  • Alpe-Adria-Trail (Italy-Slovenia) 
  • Meraner Höhenweg (Italy) 
  • Lechweg (Austria) 
  • Heidschnuckenweg (Germany) 
  • South West Coastal Path (England)