Holidays with dogs in Maremma – the wild part of Tuscany


Rolling hills, cypress avenues, magnificent country houses and cities like Florence and Pisa brimming with art treasures – this is probably the epitome of Tuscany. Even in the Maremma, the southernmost part of Tuscany, you don't have to look long for the landscape features. Nevertheless, the Maremma differs from the particularly popular north. She is wilder. Untamed. And we are already completely addicted to her.

The Maremma is located in the province of Grosseto, which stretches along the undeveloped coastal region for 130km to the peninsula of Monte Argentario and extends to the highest mountain in Tuscany, Monte Amiata. It has long since left its dark past as a swampland behind. After it was drained, agriculture moved in and planted magnificent olive groves and productive vineyards. The construction of motorways - or even hotel complexes that could disrupt the scenic beauty - was completely avoided. You won't find mass tourism here; you can spend your holiday here in style in an "agriturismo". By the way, they are also the right place to stock up on homemade and organic olive oil, pecorino or wine. Because even if agriturismos offer cute rooms and often even a pool, they earn the majority of their living from agriculture.

The wild coast of the Maremma: dog-friendly dream beaches? Oh yeah!

What we particularly love about the Maremma: Here the coast is still accessible to everyone. And so our dog Frieda is allowed to romp wildly through the white sand during our vacation. We like to treat ourselves to a lounger and an umbrella, as even the serviced beaches are generally dog-friendly. Our favorite beach: Feniglia, which can be found in the shadow of the impressive Monte Argentario peninsula. A wild, crescent-shaped beach adjoined by the Orbetello lagoon and nature reserve. On the opposite side of Albinia, the beach is not as wild, but offers some beach clubs and beach restaurants. Don't let the luxurious appearance put you off, dogs are welcome here too.

The coastal section around Castiglione della Pescaia, a fishing village steeped in history and worth seeing, which seems to float impressively above the sea, is also particularly popular. Here you will also find Bau Beach, a designated dog beach bordered by a fragrant pine forest.
Or you can take a trip to Monte Argentario. In addition to hidden bays, which can often only be reached on foot along steep paths, you will find Porto San Stefano, a fishing village that is inevitably reminiscent of the Cinque Terre with its colorful harbor. Within sight, around 20 kilometers from the mainland, lies the sweet island of Giglio in the south of the Tuscan archipelago. From Porto Santo Stefano you can reach the island with regular ferry connections.

Tuff towns and Etruscan souvenirs in the Maremma

There is something else that makes the Maremma so special. The tuff stone towns that exude their own magic: Sovana, Sorano and the secret star among them – Pitigliano. It almost seems as if the cities themselves were part of the red rocks on which they were built. The impressive location is crowned by deep gorges and green forests. You can also follow in the footsteps of the Etruscans, there are numerous archaeological sites to discover around the tuff stone cities - of course your dog can walk by your side.

The hot springs of the Maremma

White stone pools through which the steaming water rushes bright blue, and at the best bathing temperature of 37 degrees. If you enjoy this place early in the morning, before tourists and locals alike rush in, the Saturnia Springs are heaven on earth. The most famous of all hot springs in Italy is free and open all day long. You can bring your dog with you.

Just a stone's throw away you will find Montemerano, a magical mountain village that is perfect for lunch or dinner. You can choose whether you want to enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding vineyards in the "Osteria Passaparola" or soak up the charm of the old town streets in the beer and wine bar "La Grada in Castello". Alternatively, the "Pizzaria dal Moro" is worth a visit. Here too you can eat with a spectacular view of the vineyards. If you want to try a regional wine, order a Morellino di Scanscano, a velvety red wine that is only grown in the Maremma.

Mount Amiata

The Maremma is particularly wild around Monte Amiata. Wolves, porcupines and badgers live in the dense forests, while eagles soar in the sky. This is a popular ski resort in winter. Something you would hardly have expected in Tuscany. But that's how it is, the Maremma - wild and full of surprises.

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