The most beautiful places for holidays and hikes with dogs in Germany

Not only in the distance you can experience a lot with your dog. These are my favorite destinations for holidays and hikes in Germany.

The most beautiful hike in Oberstdorf? Hike to the lower Gaisalpsee with a dog

Fantastic waterfalls, a mysterious, green high mountain lake and the rugged peaks of the Nebelhorn and Rubihorn towering above you - the hike to the lower Gaisalpsee is not one of the most beautiful in the Oberstdorf region for nothing. We made it and loved it.

Holiday with your dog on the Moselle with a visit to Eltz Castle

Tips and excursion destinations on the Moselle. Everything for a perfect holiday with your dog

Long-distance hike in the Ruhr area: The Ruhrhöhenweg from Witten to Wetter

Is this the most beautiful hike in the Ruhr area? The Ruhrhöhenweg takes you through the most beautiful forests and offers a fantastic view of the Ruhr.

Holidays around Zugspitze and Eibsee

What you can experience in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Is a visit to the Eibsee and the expensive trip to the Zugspitze really worth it? All info.

Hiking on the red wine trail in the Ahr valley

Fantastic hike in Germany. All information about the red wine trail and hiking after the flood.

Bavaria: Beginner's hike in Oberstdorf. Hike to the Christlessee with a dog

Are you looking for an easy hike in the Allgäu? Then the hike to the Christlessee in Obersdorf is just right for you.

Westruper Heide with dog

Best kept secret in the Ruhr area: the Westruper Heide is worth a visit - and not just when it's in bloom. Tips for your hike in the heath.