Hiking in Oberstdorf (Bavaria): Easy hike to the Christlessee with a dog


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Hiking in the Alps is beautiful, but often quite exhausting. We therefore also like to go on hikes that are not as steep, but offer a fantastic backdrop. The easy hike to Christlessee is just such a hike. Passing a beautiful river bed, it goes through an enchanting mountain backdrop to a lake that is second to none. Curious? Here we go!

The hike at a glance: 

  • Length: 10 kilometers 
  • Altitude gain: 100 meters 
  • Starting point: valley station Nebelhornbahn 
  • Route type: round trip 
  • Difficulty: easy, consistently paved path 
  • Refreshments: Yes 

First section of the hike to Christlessee: Along the Trettach 

Already the first section of this hike really blew us away. A shady forest path follows the banks of the Trettach. Again and again you have the opportunity to go to the bright blue water. Perfect for hot days. We really took our time here to enjoy this beautiful place. After a 25-minute walk you will already reach a place to stop: Café Jägerstand. If you like, you can enjoy drinks and cake while watching the cows in the pasture. Just below the inn there is a bridge over the Trettach. But don't worry, you will also find other inns on the route as the hike progresses.

Second section of the easy hike to Christlessee: magical alpine panorama in the Allgäu 

You now cross the Trettach and continue the hike on the other side of the river. Now the path leads you over lush pastures, framed by the peaks of the Allgäu High Alps. You will pass several hotels and inns. Incidentally, we took a longer break on our way back and were able to enjoy the view with tired legs and a cool cyclist. What more do you want? By the way: There is hardly any shade on this section of the hike. When hiking in the midday heat, you should therefore have enough sunscreen and a hat with you. If you are hiking with a dog, it is advisable to take water with you.

Third section of the hike to Christlessee: Through the forest to Christlessee 

You keep walking towards the mountains until you finally reach a forest path. Now it's not far and you will soon see the magical green water flashing. Despite the sunny weather, some fog hung in the treetops which made the place even more magical. By the way: the mountain lake, which is 916 meters above sea level, never freezes over, not even at minus thirty degrees. Understandably, there was quite a lot going on at the lake. By the way, there is also a hotel or inn here that is ideal for a stop - the Café Christlessee.

From here we went back the same way. Tip: On Komoot and other hiking apps you will find different route variants, including shorter or more challenging hikes. We really liked this route, especially because of the good places to stop for refreshments.