Vianden: Insider travel tip in Luxembourg


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Although Vianden is a comparatively small place in Luxembourg and far less known than the capital, the visit surprised us so positively that Vianden deserves its own small contribution. Because whether as a stopover on the way to France or for a short trip, Vianden is the perfect destination.

Where to find Vianden

Vianden is located near the border to Germany in an idyllic valley on the river Our. Incidentally, the place can also be combined with a nature trip to the Ardennes. The Ardennes are the French, Belgian and Luxembourgish part of the Eifel and, from a geological point of view, connect seamlessly to the west of the Eifel.

Sights in Vianden

Vianden is a medieval village, which accordingly has an unbelievable charm. When you stroll through the pretty streets, you feel as if you have been transported to another time. In addition, Vianden benefits enormously from its location in the valley and the surrounding hills. The star of the city, however, is undisputedly Vianden Castle, which sits enthroned on a mountain high above the roofs of the city. The castle, also known as Vianden Castle, was built between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman fort and a Carolingian refuge. For a long time it was considered one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the Romanesque and Gothic periods. Over time, large parts of the castle were destroyed, but today, thanks to extensive restoration, it shines again in its typical medieval splendor and is one of the most important architectural monuments in Europe. Of course you can visit the castle, but it is also worth looking at it from different perspectives on a circular hike. By the way, there is also a cable car with which you can overcome the altitude difference to the castle and enjoy a fantastic view of the city and landscape.

Insider tip: Hike at sunrise to Vianden Castle

Due to its location in the valley, there are often magical natural spectacles in Vianden, especially in the early morning. This is how dense fog descends into the valley, so that at sunrise you have the chance to see the castle from the mountain, bathed in golden light and shrouded in a blanket of fog. We were so lucky and I can tell you that we were able to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises of all time. And you don't even have to plan a huge hike. A path leads directly from the city center to the mountain, which may also be just a hill, so you can be at the viewpoint in 20-25 minutes. Only shortly before the end do you have to overcome a few meters in altitude in a serpentine. I'll mark the exact point on the map below. Incidentally, the vantage point is located directly at the end of the cable car, which is not yet in operation in the early morning.

Eating out in Vianden

Vianden has many nice restaurants and wine festivals are held here regularly. You have the choice of sitting right by the river or in the pretty town centre.

Tip: The Ancien Cinema Café-Club

By the way, we and our dog went to the Ancien Cinema Café-Club. The atmosphere is really special due to the integrated historical cinema and the retro look. In addition, the food was good and the service was very friendly.

Accommodation in Vianden

We booked our accommodation through During my research, I noticed that rooms with breakfast are offered very cheaply. Many hotels are located directly in the old town, so you can reach all sights on foot. We found a large parking lot at the train station.